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Generic icon instead of flag#99


Instead of flags, we would like a generic icon to help draw the eye to the language toggle. For example: 1) The outline of a globe, or 2) A chat icon (see example here: This icon would be the same for each language.

In our context, language is more relevant than geography. Not only that, the use of a flag can have undesirable political implications.

Thanks for considering.

17 days ago

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

I think we can’t offer a good customization solution for everyone, so we’re working to improve our basic switcher, but if you want a fully integrated one we encourage to:

  • use custom CSS option to add icon or other styles (examples)
  • use our Javascript API to create a custom switcher

Please contact if you want some advices

I’ll close this post soon

17 days ago
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13 days ago