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Subdirectory instead of subdomain#87 instead of

6 months ago

Really would love to see this for Webflow integration!

5 months ago

Not being able to have subdirectories is really a bottleneck for my client for continueing to use Weglot as a tool. Do you guys have a timeline on when subdirectories with the Webflow integration will be possible.

4 months ago

Anybody having examples of how they do this with Weglot and Webflow? Is there a solution?

4 months ago

Hi Benjamin, we don’t have a solution for now but we will work on this this quarter. I don’t have an exact date to tell you though

4 months ago

Is there any update here? This is also crucial for our use of weglot with webflow particularly.

2 months ago

This is actually a feature that’s currently blocking us from taking Weglot into real world use. Separate subdomains is such a huge negative impact on SEO that it’s just not an option.

a month ago