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Set original language exceptions#40



While most of our site content is in English and it’s setup as default language in Weglot, we’re using a geotargeting feature (geotargetly) to show specific pages to other countries. These pages are only shown to non-English visitors.

My editors are writing these pages directly in the native language - German and Portuguese for my project - and the pages are set to display on the de and pt subdomains only.

It would be nice if we could set “exceptions” in the translation area of Weglot to tell that these pages are in a different language, to avoid having to translate them in English first and then add the translated content.

I hope my request is clear, please let me know if it’s not well explained.

Thanks and regards,

4 years ago

In fact, even Weglot is translating its own translated subdomains, so excluding those is a must.

4 years ago