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Hiding specific content in some languages#33


There the possibility to add custiom CSS in Weglot for hiding bloks or specific content in specific langauges. For Example: I dont wont to show a link in the menu of english version, but only in the Italian or French language, or I wont to publish an embed form only in the English version and not in the other one.
I discovered this command with the support of Weglot, but It thik:

  • You should create a dedicated help article to explain the procedure in the support section
  • You could create a better usable function to hide or not some content in spceific language without coding.
2 years ago
Changed the title from "Better control for hiding specific content in some languages in Squarespace" to "Hiding specific content in some languages"
2 years ago

Here is what I do atm.

/ hide and show element based on language /
html[lang=”fr”] .hidden-fr display: none;
html[lang=”en”] .hidden-en display: none;

2 years ago