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Visual Editor - Text Navigation Panel#144

I think this is mandatory, to have a visual editor with a table of contents - or navigation panel to select all text – as often with high tech websites the visual editor is unable to click certain objects and it can be quite fustrating to select some items.

A navigation panel showing that allows selecting the text to edit from there would greatly improve the visual editor functionality.

Example of elementor nav panel

WP Bakery Nav panel Example

Something similar would – show text in reference language and allow the user to select it – then manually input or see auto translated words to fast and efficent fixes.

English Word 1

  • EN, ZH, ZH_TW, JP.

English Word 2

  • EN, ZH, ZH_TW, JP.

English Word 3

  • EN, ZH, ZH_TW, JP.

English Word 4

  • EN, ZH, ZH_TW, JP.

This would make the visual editor much more powerful as it currently can struggle to be easy to select some elements.

Hi, thank you for the detailed feedback!
Your request makes sense to me, but I’m curious whether you’ve tried, for example, to have both the translation list (, filtered on a given URL, and the visual editor open and bounce between the two. It feels like you should be able to emulate a nav bar listing all available translations fairly close.

2 years ago

It doesnt work quite as easily as it should and when you deal with 1000’s of products or pages its not quite what is best for the situation.

An example, is just now i typed in a exact URL to filter - the homepage URL and nothing showed or was able to be filtered to show me just the URL for this page.

Only when i go to / will it show the homepage, which will confuse alot of staff. Not just that but the backend editor its hard to be certain what translation is where on more complicated sites. It can be ALOT slower to do correct translations depending on the situation and cause to why.

However if there was a visual editor list for just the page being edited it would solve the following issues.

  • Being unable to visually click on some hard to ‘click on’ elements - this is becoming a major issue today with more complicated website systems.
  • Make editing the right content faster with visual verifcation vs manually doing this.
  • It would help detect visual bugs or translation bugs with spacings, html, etc, faster.
  • It would allow FAST access to ALL translations on the page being viewed with the visual editor – instead of fighting with URL/DB structure my staff have mentioned and made some concerns to this a few times but i defended your system – however i can see the staff struggling with some areas.

Another Option (Or additional)

  • What would be even better, is a single sheet layout for editing a page aswell - where all the text is layed out in a single document, allowing better cut and pasting of edits vs doing it manually line by line by line.
    – The visual editor and even backend often splits up text and on product page descriptions this can be a very slow to fix as a result.

I have played around with both ends of these systems and there is certainly some areas of improvement for the visual editor to allow a wider range of people to edit translations.

Alright, makes sense to me, it would certainly go a long way to make a visual editor first workflow viable. I’ll think about it and discuss with the team. Thank you again for the detailed feedback!

2 years ago