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Exclude specific words with pattern#13


It will make the whole translation process more accurate if we can define rules to exclude specific word structures.
For example, anything that ends up in ‘ CM’ or ‘ kg’ is usually a measurement unit and translating them is pointless. Also sometimes any sentence which includes a spesific phrase needs to be excluded from translation as well.

This is a briliant platform and you guys rock! :)

4 years ago
Changed the title from "Exclude specific words" to "Exclude specific words with pattern"
4 years ago

Absolutely this! For example I usually don’t need to translate my products titles and they are all inside quotation marks (“Product Title 1” / “Product title 2”). It would be great to exclude everything that is within quotation marks… would make my life so much easier!

4 years ago

Good idea! I see many paragraphs including the same sentence and being translated (therefore, words counted) several times.

4 years ago
Changed the status to
3 years ago

👋 You’ll be able to solve some of these use cases with the new “variables” feature that’s currently in beta, check out the documentation over there:

2 years ago


4 months ago