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Disable auto-translations on page level instead of only language level#126


Today Weglot automatically replaces reviewed or mannually translated texts with new auto-translated text on the live site if ANY changes is made in the original language text. For many sites it can be very harmful to show auto-translated content on the site that is not reviewed by the client.

There should be a way preventing content that is not reviewed by the client to automatically show up on the site for every minor edit made in the original site.

The “Disable automatic translations” function in Weglot could be a very useful feature for this, but can only disable auto-translations sitewide for an entire language, which (at least from my point of view) is pretty pointless!

If disabling auto-translations could be controlled on individual pages instead of entire sitewide languages, critical content on e.g static product pages that very rarely changes could always show manually translated and reviewed content, and non-critical content like e.g. news and blog posts could be based on auto-translations reviewed by the client.