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Support of Shopify Markets, Translation API and Currencies#124


We would need a better integration of Weglot with the Shopify translation API and the new Shopify Markets rollout.
Over the last days we experiences an issue with how products prices are shown due to a random default country problem on the english translated website.

Whenever a customer was directed to the English website ( the default country would be random and sometimes show product prices without VAT (for example when the checkout country was set to USA). This is a big problem within the EU because customers expect to see the full price and don’t understand why prices are 20% after entering their address during the checkout process.

We tried many different things and only setting the English subdomain at the Shopify Market stabilized it somehow, but the combination of Weglot and Shopify is still not perfect.

Please work on a fix and deeper integration here.

Weglot doesn’t use the Shopify API, we use our own architecture and API for serving localized version, which allows us to have a lot more flexibility and features. But you are right that you should not have countries issue. I see you already sent a support request. Let’s continue there as it’s more a support than a new feature.

2 years ago