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Subdomain Sitemap#102


Add a feature to create unique sitemaps for translated subdomains.

3 years ago

Hi Simone, we have this side project under development :

=> You can copy your original site map, choose the language and then it will generate a sitemap with all the subdomains link.

Let me know

3 years ago


It does not seems to work for me. When I enter the original sitemap

It tells me sitemap is not a valid one

Any suggestions?

3 years ago

I see. Not for now, we don’t have the ability to duplicate the sitemap. However you don’t need a multilingual sitemap if you already have the hreflangs. Your website has the hreflangs so you are good for SEO.
Please continue the discussion at [email protected] if necessary.

3 years ago

So, first you suggest me a new tool that you made cause people keep asking for a multilingual sitemap, but when it doesn’t work you tell me it is useless?


3 years ago

+1, running a WordPress site but need XML sitemaps for each language variation.

Yes, today with baidu if you wish to achieve good position and get correctly crawler, you need to have a zh sitemap

2 years ago

There is a /sitemap.xml for each subdomain, but we still need to submit it to the Google Search Console.

It would be helpful to just display a message reminding us to do that.

Else it’s a gotcha.

a year ago